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Staff Handbook
This is the COVID 19 edition of the 2020-2021 PS 214 Handbook.
Grading Policy
This revised grading policy acknowledges the impact of remote learning on the ways in which students complete their assigned work. When evaluating students’ work and determining final grades, each child’s circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. In each case, there will be flexibility based on: current life circumstances, access to devices and Wi-Fi, expectations for due dates and submission of late work, applicability of pre-determined assignments, and the way in which assignments are scored.
DOE Elementary Academic Policy
The New York City Department of Education͛s academic policy guides consolidate the many requirements for academic programming, assessments, promotion, grading, and student data into one reference document. Our goal in publishing the academic policy guides is to provide you with clear interpretations of academic policies and guidance about how to apply them in different scenarios. The academic policy guides are revised each year based on changes to policies and feedback from schools and field staff.
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